Barbados Restaurants by Ambience

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Barbados Restaurants by Ambience
Ambience Type Restaurant Name Price Range Tel No.
(246) +
Casual Dining Atlantis (The) ModerateModerate 433-9445  
Casual Dining Balcony ModerateModerate 227-2141  
Casual Dining Brown Sugar Restaurant ModerateModerate 426-7684  
Casual Cafe,Pub Café Indigo ModerateModerate 432-0968  
Casual Dining Café Sol ModerateModerate 420-7655  
Casual Dining Carriage House Restaurant & Bar ModerateModerate 423-6220  
Casual Cafe Celestine's Diner Budget -  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Airport Budget 418-8780/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Broad Street Budget 430-3420/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Charles Rowe Bridge Budget 430-3430/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Fairchild Street Budget 430-3460/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Fontabelle Budget 430-3385/6  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Heroes Square Budget 430-3450  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Marhill Street Budget 430-3440/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Oistins Budget 418-8750/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Rockley Budget 430-3400/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Six Roads Budget 430-8480/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Speightstown Budget 419-3500/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Warrens Budget 417-8550/1  
Casual Fast Food Chefette Wildey Budget 467-3900/1  
Casual Fast Food/Dining Chicken Barn, Bay Street Budget 426-3765  
Casual Fast Food/Dining Chicken Barn, Warrens Budget 421-2276  
Casual Fast Food/Dining Chicken Barn, Worthing Budget 435-7428  
Casual Cafe Chunky Monkey Cafe Budget -  
Casual Dining Cove (The) ModerateModerate 433-9495  
Casual Dining D'Onofrio's Ristorante Italiano ModerateModerate 423-6220  
Casual Cafe Dina's Bar and Cafe ModerateModerate 433-9726  
Casual Dining East Moon Chinese Cuisine & Bar ModerateModerate 422-4739  
Casual Dining Fish Pot ModerateModerate 439-2604 Visit Fish Pot mobile site
Casual Dining Golden China Restaurant ModerateModerate 435-9660  
Casual Dining Good Choice Chinese Restaurant ModerateModerate 432-8249  
Casual Dining Guangdong, Warrens ModerateModerate 421-7843  
Casual Dining Ideal ModerateModerate 431-2140  
Casual Fast Food Indian Grill (Roti Shop) Budget 436-2361  
Casual Fast Food Island Plates Budget 252-7793  
Casual Fast Food IV Play Deli Budget 437-2099  
Casual Dining Jade Garden ModerateModerate 428-2759  
Casual Beach Bar Jocelyn's ModerateModerate 428-7181  
Casual Dining,Fast Food Just Grillin', Holetown ModerateModerate 432-5410  
Casual Dining,Fast Food Just Grillin', Quayside ModerateModerate 435-6469  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Black Rock Budget 424-9268  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Collymore Rock Budget 437-3791  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Diamond Tower Budget 228-5044  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Fairchild St Budget 436-9342  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Hastings Budget 435-8185  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Sheraton Centre Budget 437-5844  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Speightstown ModerateModerate 422-3812  
Casual Fast Food Kentucky Fried Trident House Budget 429-8520  
Casual Rumshop,Country,Fast Food Lemon Arbour (The Village Bar) -  
Casual Dining Luigi's ModerateModerate 428-9218  
Casual Dining Mermaid ModerateModerate 428-2825  
Casual Dining Naniki Restaurant ModerateModerate 433-1300  
Casual Dining New Century Chinese Restaurant ModerateModerate 420-2822  
Casual Patisserie Patisserie Flindt ModerateModerate 432-2626  
Casual Fast Food Pizza Man Doc ModerateModerate 437-2997  
Casual Fast Food Pizza Man Doc ModerateModerate 435-6652  
Casual Fast Food Pizza Man Doc ModerateModerate 422-1432  
Casual Fast Food Pizza Man Doc ModerateModerate 424-0305  
Casual Fast Food Pizza Man Doc ModerateModerate 436-4571  
Casual Cafe Ragamuffin's ModerateModerate 432-1295  
Casual Cafe,Fast Food Reggae Grill Budget 426-2142  
Casual Fast Food Sand Dunes Bar & Restaurant Budget 422-9427  
Casual Rumshop Sea Side Bar Budget 831-1961  
Casual Dining Steak House and Seafood Grill(the) ModerateModerate 428-7152  
Casual Beach Bar Surfside Restaurant and Bar Budget 432-2105  
Casual Bistro Swagg Cocktail Lounge & Bistro ModerateModerate 625-8561  
Casual Cafe The Good Life Eco Cafe and Bar ModerateModerate 435-6322  
Casual Beach Bar The Tiki Bar ModerateModerate 435-8074  
Casual, Elegant Dining Daphne's ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 432-2731  
Casual, Elegant Dining Hilton Barbados - The Grille ModerateModerate 426-0200  
Casual, Lively, Elegant, Romantic Dinner Show Lanterns By The Sea ModerateModerate 628-0990  
Casual, Lively, Elegant, Romantic Beach Bar,Dining Lone Star Restaurant & Hotel ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 419 0599  
Casual, Elegant, Romantic Cafe,Dining,Winebar Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar ModerateModerate 434-3463 Visit Champers Restaurant & Wine Bar mobile site
Casual, Friendly Dining Bajan Blue ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 444-2000  
Casual, Friendly Cafe Bean-N-Bagel Café ModerateModerate 432-1103  
Casual, Friendly Bistro Bistro Monet ModerateModerate 435-9389  
Casual, Friendly Dining Elbow Room ModerateModerate 432-1927  
Casual, Friendly Bistro,Dining Harlequin Restaurant ModerateModerate 420-7677  
Casual, Friendly Dining Hilton Barbados - Lighthouse Terrace ModerateModerate 426-0200  
Casual, Friendly Beach Bar Hilton Barbados - Water's Edge Bar ModerateModerate 426-0200  
Casual, Friendly Dining,Fast Food Kingston 10, Bayside Plaza Budget 228-9838  
Casual, Friendly Dining Rachel's Restaurant ModerateModerate 228-3800  
Casual, Friendly Dining Tropical Mist Bar & Restaurant ModerateModerate 420-7592  
Casual, Friendly Dining Yong's Chinese Restaurant ModerateModerate 435-9102  
Casual, Lively, Friendly Cafe,Dining Birdies Restaurant (formerly Mulligans) ModerateModerate 426-1211  
Casual, Lively, Friendly Dining Sweet Potatoes ModerateModerate 420-7668  
Casual, Lively Bistro Ackee Tree Budget 434-7684  
Casual, Lively Beach Bar,Dining Bajan Breeze Restaurant & Bar ModerateModerate 418-7300  
Casual, Lively Dining,Fast Food,Pub,Sportsbar Bert's Barbados ModerateModerate 435-7924  
Casual, Lively Rumshop Birds Nest Budget 426-2807  
Casual, Lively Cafe Blakey's Bar & Restaurant ModerateModerate 228-5284  
Casual, Lively Beach Bar,Bistro,Dining Boatyard Restaurant & Bar ModerateModerate 436-2622  
Casual, Lively Dining,Sportsbar Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant ModerateModerate 435-6217  
Casual, Lively Cafe,Beach Bar,Dining Copacabana Beach Bar ModerateModerate 426-0839  
Casual, Lively Dining Crave ModerateModerate 420-1518  
Casual, Lively Cafe Cuz Fish Shack Budget -  
Casual, Lively Beach Bar,Dining,Dinner Show Lobster Alive ModerateModerate 435-0305  
Casual, Lively Dining,Sportsbar Lucky Horseshoe Warrens ModerateModerate 425-5825  
Casual, Lively Dining,Sportsbar Lucky Horseshoe Worthing ModerateModerate 435-5825  
Casual, Lively Dining,Rumshop Marco Polo Bar & Grill Budget 271-2583  
Casual, Lively Dining,Pub Moontown Budget 439-1927  
Casual, Lively Beach Bar Mr. Delicious Snack Bar Budget 233-3354  
Casual, Lively Bistro,Dining Nineteen on the Green ModerateModerate 420-6397  
Casual, Lively Pub,Sportsbar Players Sports Bar ModerateModerate 426-3596  
Casual, Lively Fast Food Rolli's Bar and Grill Budget 426-5674  
Casual, Lively Dining Rude Boyz Jerk Kitchen ModerateModerate 841-6175  
Casual, Lively Dining,Rumshop Shakers Budget 228-8855  
Casual, Lively Pub The Beach House ModerateModerate 432-1163  
Casual, Lively Bistro,Cafe,Dining The Chopping Board Kitchen at MOJO ModerateModerate 435-9008  
Casual, Lively Dining Waterfront Cafe ModerateModerate 427-0093  
Casual, Lively, Elegant, Romantic, Friendly Dining,Cafe,Winebar,Dinnershow Lime Bar & Restaurant ModerateModerate 271-8261  
Casual, Lively, Friendly Beach Bar,Dining Sharkey's Bar ModerateModerate 436-2622  
Casual, Lively, Friendly Beach Bar,Fast Food,Rumshop The Sea Grape Beach Bar, Coconut Court ModerateModerate 427-1655  
Casual, Lively, Romantic Dining La Salsa Restaurant & Bar ModerateModerate 422-5026  
Casual, Lively, Romantic Dining,Pub Round House Inn Restaurant & Bar ModerateModerate 433-9678  
Casual, Romantic Country,Dining Bay Breezes Restaurant & Bar ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 423-0548  
Casual, Romantic Dining Zaccios Restaurant (formerly Cocomos) ModerateModerate 432-0134  
Elegant Dining Asiagos Authentic Italian Restaurant ModerateModerate 428-7131  
Elegant Dining Asian Spice Indian Restaurant ModerateModerate 432-5046  
Elegant Dining Careenage Bar ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 426-0200  
Elegant Dining Jumas ModerateModerate 432-0232  
Elegant Dining L'acajou ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 444-2000  
Elegant Dining Mews (The) ModerateModerate 432-1122  
Elegant Dining Pacifika Kitchen ModerateModerate 435-8920  
Elegant Dining Palm Terrace ModerateModerate 422-5555  
Elegant Dining Sitar Indian Restaurant ModerateModerate 432-2248  
Elegant Dining Sunbury Plantation House ModerateModerate 423-6270  
Elegant Dining The Yacht Club ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 419-2000  
Elegant, Romantic Dining,Winebar Apsara Samudra ModerateModerate 4205454  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Buzo Osteria Italiana ModerateModerate 629-2896  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Castaways (formerly Bellinis) ModerateModerate 420-7587  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Cin Cin By The Sea ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 424-4557  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Il Tempio Italian Restaurant ModerateModerate 417-0057  
Elegant, Romantic Dining L'Azure Restaurant ModerateModerate 423-6220  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Nishi Restaurant ModerateModerate 432-8287  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Primo (formerly Pisces) ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 573-7777  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Siam ModerateModerate 628-1043  
Elegant, Romantic Dining The Cliff ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 432-1922  
Elegant, Romantic Dining The Tides Restaurant ExpensiveExpensiveExpensive 432-8356  
Elegant, Romantic Dining The Wytukai ModerateModerate 435-8920  
Elegant, Romantic Dining Zen Restaurant ModerateModerate 423-6220  
Lively, Friendly Dining Angry Annie's Restaurant ModerateModerate 432-2119  
Romantic, Friendly Dining Café Luna ModerateModerate 428-6172  
Romantic, Friendly Dining Sassafras at Sugar Hill ModerateModerate 422-6644  
Romantic, Friendly Dining Spago Restaurant & Bar ModerateModerate 432-7394  
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