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Hike Barbados

Hiking In Barbados

Hike Barbados takes you through cane fields, gullies, tropical forests and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. Along the way you will meet new friends, enjoy healthy exercise and observe the delicate balance of the unique heritage and environment of Barbados.

The hikes are FREE but donations are welcome towards the work of the Barbados National Trust (preserving our built and natural environment).


All morning hikes start at 6:00 a.m.
Afternoon hikes (medium only) start at 3:30 p.m.
The Moonlight Walks start at 5:30 p.m., you are advised to bring a torch to these walks.

There is a morning hike and, in addition, either an afternoon hike or a moonlight walk on every hike date EXCEPT the date of the Great Train Hike.


All hikes start and finish at the meeting place.
Jan - Mar
Apr - Jun
Jul - Sep
Aug - Dec

Explore the Barbados countryside with these hikes and walks


Loose clothing, comfortable hiking boots/sports shoes, sunscreen, hat. Bring your camera and a bottle of water. Refreshments are on sale after the hikes.

Walk Descriptions

Stop 'n' Stare (easy) 6 miles
Medium 'n' Fast (medium) 9 miles
Grin 'n' Bear (challenging) 12 miles

All hikes last approximately 3 hours.

Interested in Hiking?


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