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Scuba divers - welcome to a diving paradise
Worldwide Diving Encyclopedia
Worldwide Diving Encyclopedia
You are floating down to the craggy corrugated coral clusters, stage coral, black and fire with the sunken treasures of a bygone age. You are in the hideaways of the navy dark, shipwreck and seascape, scuba cave and scuba garden, in calm and torrent waters. You are in the Caribbean, in Asia, Australia and the Mediterranean. This is our fantasy, to bring you the the best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. The best in scuba adventure holidays from around the world. 

And every month we feature a chance to win a FREE HOLIDAY PRIVILEGE in the world's most exciting and exotic scuba diving destinations. So check us out every month for the next exotic location on the bottom of the sea. We can make your dreams come true.

This Month's Destination:
~ Barbados ~
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